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The Harmonic Problem...

Any device with non-linear operating characteristics can produce harmonics in your power system. If you are currently using equipment that can cause harmonics or have experienced harmonic related problems, capacitor reactor or filter bank equipment may be the solution.

Harmonic distortion and related problems in electrical power systems are becoming more and more prevalent in electrical distribution systems.
Problems Created by Harmonics
  • Excessive heating and failure of capacitors, capacitor fuses, transformers, motors, fluorescent lighting ballasts, etc.
  • Nuisance tripping of circuit breaker or blown fuses
  • Presence of the third harmonic & multiples of the 3rd harmonic in neutral grounding systems may require the derating of neutral conductors
  • Noise from harmonics that lead to erroneous operation of control system components
  • Damage to sensitive electronic equipment
  • Electronic communications interference 
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